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  • Revenue Cycle Mgmnt

    As a leading provider of revenue cycle processing and receivables management services, EHealthSource reduces your human resources related costs by as much as 30-40% through a global delivery model.

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  • Healthcare IT Offshoring

    We provide various Healthcare IT services includes Interface with multiple systems, data migration services, integrating Healthcare devices. We are also venturing towards software services.

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  • IT Offshoring

    Our team is comprised of both on-staff professionals as well as qualified independent contractors who work on special needs projects. This strategy ensures that we can meet all the various needs of our clients regardless of the type of project they require.
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EHS Updates

    • 23 Dec 15
    • 0

    Overwhelming support for outsourcing revenue cycle management in healthcare

    Uncertainty over which vendors offer the best revenue cycle management platform for them is motivating a growing number of hospitals and physician groups to outsource revenue cycle  processes in lieu of making a large investment in software, according to a new report by BlackBook Research. “As hospitals and physician practices grapple with intense pressure to

    • 18 Sep 13
    • 0

    Medical Billing Process: EHS Advantage

    EHS has over 12 years of experience in providing expert medical billing services to healthcare service providers, medical billing companies and insurance companies, mainly in the U.S. and UK. Our services include a range of medical billing activities such as patient demographics entry, charge entry and posting, accounts receivable and claims follow-up besides other services.

    • 23 Dec 15
    • 0

    Huge variation in medical prices as hospital ‘monopolies’ charge more, report says

    Dec 18 More on Revenue Cycle Management Huge variation in medical prices as hospital ‘monopolies’ charge more, report says Health Care Cost Institute finds hospital transaction prices play a huge role in influencing healthcare spending for the privately insured. Beth Jones Sanborn, Managing Editor The prices hospitals negotiate with private insurers vary considerably across geographies,

    • 16 Apr 14
    • 0

    HR and Payroll Outsourcing

    Increase Profitability, Save Time, Accomplish More With Less Why Outsource Payroll? Payroll is one of the most non-strategic, yet time consuming aspects of any company and quite often monopolizess much of the Finance or HR team’s time. Rather than let your payroll process become overwhelming and run the risk of making costly mistakes, trust EHealthSource

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