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    • 20 Dec 18
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    Want to Avoid Medical Billing Rejections? Here are 11 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

    It doesn’t matter whether a medical biller is brilliant, or how brilliant they are; while working on daily claims all day, it’s only human to have some claims get downright rejected. Sometimes, it’s the medical insurance company at fault; at other times, it’s because some vital information got left out. To not let the latter

    • 29 Nov 18
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    Why Should Medical Practitioners be Outsourcing Medical Billing?

    A lot of medical practices are choosing to outsource their medical billing. Many are still on the sidelines, trying to decide whether or not it’s necessary; whether or not it would be worth it. To answer both questions, it’s important one knows that a third party medical billing company is supposed to have a team

    • 11 Sep 18
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    What Updates Does 2018 Have in Store for MIPS?

    MACRA, that is the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act has finally replaced the old, and some would say, flawed SGR (Sustainable Growth Rate). Under MACRA, we get the two-track QPP (Quality Payment Program) which aims to put emphasis on payment models that are based on value. It’s an opportunity for entities to receive funding

    • 24 Apr 18
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    What Is MACRA and What It Means to Providers, EHR Technology

    The proposed rule for MACRA implementation includes provisions for MIPS, APMs, and other value-based care activities. More than a year has passed since Congress voted to enact the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 and the Department of Health & Human Services issued its notice of proposed rulemaking for MACRA implementation. At its