EHS Medical Billing Charge Entry team gets the Demographics entered in your billing system rapidly and accurately, and thus helps to process the claims faster. The payment posting team is trained in the insurance rules and write-offs.

EHS is skilled in all aspects of medical billing, and its experience includes handling Medicare, Medicaid, HMO, POS, EPO, PPO, PIP, Worker‘s Compensation and private indemnities.

Charge entry is one of the key areas in medical billing. In the medical billing charge entry process, created patient accounts are assigned with the appropriate $ value as per the coding and appropriate fee schedule. The charges entered will determine the reimbursements for physician’s service. Therefore, care should be taken to avoid any charge entry errors which may lead to denial of the claims. Moreover, good co-ordination between the coding and the charge entry team will produce enhanced results.

Highlights of Charge Entry:

  • Experience in multi-specialty and different State guidelines
  • Turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours or agreed turnaround times
  • 99% error free on first claim submission
  • Special care for the Workmen’s Compensation and No-fault claims. A separate team possesses the knowledge of various State laws on this Payer.

Keying in Medical billing information: The key step

Entering the billing information of the patient is an important step in the charge processing stage. We have a trained staff to enter the billing details of the patient, as it includes vital information such as the name of the medical provider, the medical service rendered and the date of the patient’s visit. And of course we make sure that each and every detail is accurate and cross verified.

Assigning charges for the medical codes entered

The assignment of appropriate charges to the medical codes entered is needless to say the phase that demands maximum attention and patience. The charge entry department of Medicaltranscriptionsservice can assign corresponding and appropriate charges, to the codes in the medical coding document. Our charge entry team is well versed with internationally recognized and followed, medical coding systems such as, HCPCS, CPT, ICD-9.