Are you unable to access your old software data into your new software ?

Medical practices can spend months researching, selecting, and implementing a new EMR. Each practice has unique requirements and should choose an EMR that satisfies their needs. Once a new EMR is selected, the challenge becomes how to import legacy data into the new EMR or how to keep legacy data accessible without burdening the new EMR.

EHealthSource Provides data migration as well as data extraction services, we have been successfully extract data out of multiple EMR software like ECW, Lytec , All Scripts, Medinotes etc.

We can as well insert data into software like Intelligent Medical Services, apart from that the we also hail expertise in database management. Our team of database developers can create any custom report as per your need.

EHealthsource experienced resources makes this data migration process smooth, we analyze your existing data as well as the new database and share the report with the you and explain you of what should be converted and what should be included. Once completed we initiate a test conversion and if the data is verified by the client we do the live conversion. We also support multiple incremental conversions.

So the next time you want to switch to another EMR or need your data extracted, just contact us know and we will take care.