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  • Revenue Cycle Mgmnt

    As a leading provider of revenue cycle processing and receivables management services, EHealthSource reduces your human resources related costs by as much as 30-40% through a global delivery model.

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  • Healthcare IT Offshoring

    We provide various Healthcare IT services includes Interface with multiple systems, data migration services, integrating Healthcare devices. We are also venturing towards software services.

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  • IT Offshoring

    Our team is comprised of both on-staff professionals as well as qualified independent contractors who work on special needs projects. This strategy ensures that we can meet all the various needs of our clients regardless of the type of project they require.
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EHS Updates

    • 18 Sep 13
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    Security measures at EHS

    Confidentiality of billing data Restricted employee access to files and folders Patient Data Privacy Secure FTP Servers Systematic data backup of all patient visits Detailed internal data and communication back up

    • 11 Sep 14
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    Reason # 10 for Outsourcing your Medical Billing

    Your Patients !!!   More time for patient care. Who wouldn’t want to invest in that? No wonder industry experts agree that it’s not only smart, but it also makes good business sense to concentration your core competencies like quality patient care and outsource ancillary business functions, like billing, AR management and collections. If you

    • 18 Sep 13
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    Quality Assurance at EHS

    Medical Claims Audit Strict quality control standards Quality Assurance reviews of all claims before submission Billing and coding claims review log Monthly billing review

    • 18 Sep 13
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    Physicians Adopt HIE To Help Improve Care and Cut Costs

    The American healthcare sector is slowly and steadily welcoming value based care. It stresses on the importance of providing the best quality services to patients but at limited costs. However, this shift to value based care is not going to be very easy. Several obstacles stand in front of it as of now. From the

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