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    • 21 Mar 18
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    Role of Efficient Cardiology Billing in the Health Care Industry

    It is essential that regardless of the type or size of practice, health care service providers need to come up with perfect medical billing codes in accordance with guidelines. Cardiovascular billing proves to be complex in nature and demands in-depth knowledge and highly specialized skills that can be achieved only through regular training and hands-on

    • 21 Mar 18
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    Workers’ Compensation Billing Simplified

    Workers’ compensation, also known as workers’ comp, is a type of health insurance that covers injuries incurred at work. Employers must purchase workers’ comp directly in most states, although some states administer these policies. Workers’ compensation billing service providers must be aware of the guidelines for their particular state, including requirements and limitations. The claims for most

    • 21 Mar 18
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    Worried about Outsourcing Medical Billing, lets remove your fears.

    For any practice deciding whether or not to outsource medical billing can be a difficult decision. However there are ways to decide and I am sure a lot of online blogs or quora discussion would have given their views. I am going to take this to a different lane lets see why not to outsource Having

    • 23 Dec 15
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    Huge variation in medical prices as hospital ‘monopolies’ charge more, report says

    Dec 18 More on Revenue Cycle Management Huge variation in medical prices as hospital ‘monopolies’ charge more, report says Health Care Cost Institute finds hospital transaction prices play a huge role in influencing healthcare spending for the privately insured. Beth Jones Sanborn, Managing Editor The prices hospitals negotiate with private insurers vary considerably across geographies,