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    • 27 Mar 19
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    Healthcare Professional Guide to MACRA 2019 Quality Payment Program

    With the MACRA initiative of QPP, effective since January 1, 2017, there is a big relief to the providers where they do not have to enroll in the QPP. However, the desired can do so through CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) for MIPS survey measures, the deadline being June 30 every year.

    • 21 Mar 19
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    Updates and Changes for Radiology CPT/HCPCS for 2019

    Radiology coding needs great precision so as to avoid errors while translation of documents into billable codes. The year 2019 has come up with quite a few changes into the CPT/HCPcS codes for radiology services. Following is the review of the important changes to the radiology codes: For the year 2019 coding has been made

    • 19 Mar 19
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    Trump Administration’s 2020 Healthcare Proposal Release

    The White House has announced a possible noteworthy reduction in funding to the Department of Health and Human Services in 2020; however, there are plans to boost up the investments in HIV research, the opioid epidemic and other policy priorities. Monday morning President Donald Trump released the “Budget for a Better America” which proposes $87.1 billion in funding

    • 18 Jan 19
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    3 Things That Constitute Ideal Medical Billing Practices

    Talking about medical billing, one has to treat it like one of the healthcare sector’s invisible engines. In its absence, one can only imagine the chaos that would ensue while trying to transmit critical data (almost all data in this sector is critical), and therefore make it difficult for the healthcare providers to get rightly